The Selling Process

Here is a step by step guide to the selling process. It’s important to fully understand the process to sell your home so that together, we can get you the best results.

Step 1 – Your Needs Analysis
Discussion of what is important to you in the sale of your home is it price, close date, etc.

Step 2 – Pricing & Selling Strategy
We will review a detailed Comparative Market Analysis together and determine an appropriate price for your home as well as the best selling strategy.

Step 3 – Home Evaluation and Staging
You will get a consultation with a professional stager who knows the return on investment of every recommendation.

Step 4 – Marketing of Your Home
You will get a customized marketing plan for your home that will maximize both traditional resources and strategic internet marketing

Step 5 –  Public Open House
As part of the marketing plan, there will be schedule public open houses at your convenience and the best market timing.

Step 6 – Offers
I will review all of the offers with you in person, so that we can evaluate them together to determine the best one for you and your family. We will then begin the negotiating process to bring those offers even closer to exceeding your expectations.

Step 7 – Conditional Period
If you have accepted an offer with conditions, I will be in constant communication with the buyer’s agent to ensure those conditions are removed within the agreed upon timeline and without complications.

Step 8 – Preparing for Your Move
Moving can be a stressful process. I will ensure that you have all of the people you need to make it as smooth as possible from movers to a handyman to do any last minute repairs.

Step 9 – Closing & Financial Disbursements
My job is to ensure all necessary parties are communicating from the banks, to lawyers and the buyer’s agent, so that you have a smooth closing process.

Step 10 – Settling In
There are always left over things to deal with when you move out of a home perhaps something left in a closet, instructions to give the new home owners. I am there to help you clean up the last minute details and communicate with the new owners.